Denise Brownlee

Denise moved to Cowichan Valley with her husband in 2000.

Health issues had bothered the family for several years and before moving to BC, she was a Practitioner in alternative healing techniques. When a course on Understanding Mental Issues was offered here, she signed up and later took the facilitator course which she found were both very helpful.

When her husband was diagnosed with Parkinson’s,  she learned how to take care of him. After a few years they learned his lungs were subject to aspiration pneumonia.  He was given a feeding tube and shortly after became bedridden. He was lucky to have Home Support help him with washing and dressing etc. Denise appreciated this help but also was aware that she would be responsible to take care of several  things the Home Support weren’t allowed to do for safety  reasons and gladly accepted this responsibility.

For the last 3 years of his life, Denise was the 24 hr. caregiver and advocate for her husband. Her experience taking care of him and in the health field taught her that there are so many others dealing with the challenges she had and are so very reliant on the Home Support for their loved ones but also the Caregiving Groups for the Care Giver. She hopes her experiences may be used to benefit others.