Janis Feurer

Janis was the Program Coordinator of St. Ann’s Garden Club at Providence Farm for 8 years, developing and implementing the horticultural therapy program for seniors, in conjunction with Duncan Mental Health’s Seniors Outreach Team (SORT). She was in liaison with Continuing Care, SORT, and family members in supporting seniors through their mental health issues, and in doing so, provided respite for caregivers as well.
She has been a member of the Cowichan Hikers since 1994, and started the offshoot light hiking group 5 years later. She is a student of Healing Touch and a volunteer with Hospice and Elder College.
“I feel blessed to be able to share in peoples’ lives as they go through their caregiving experiences. I’m always impressed with how resilient caregivers are and how supportive they are of each other at our meetings.”